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So, I made a little bit of a mistake in writing this: I wrote it on a bigger page than I could scan. Ha. Sooooo. . . I think the only questionable bit is the last word in the first line: troglodyte. I feel like I’m giving a password for something. “When you reachΒ the door, say ‘troglodyte’. . .” Such a nerd.Β img479(Okay, second problem part. Bottom line says “once it was done, I had no idea what to do. I’d become obsessed.”)img480As promised, the link to Mike Ficarra’s art site:Β

6 thoughts on “Artists & Art

  1. GAWD!!!! Kari cant you Just hurry up with the next issue… …… I just know they are gonna have “relations” like your mom and dad did 31 years ago!!!! I cant believe they didn’t this time!!!!

  2. Spent the last two and a half hours going through the series thus far… What a beautiful story, and peice of work. Cannot wait to see the next installment.

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