Man, happy Friday, everyone! I’m telling you what: this has been a week. I stumbled into a puddle of melancholy early on and I’m still shaking the drops off my toes. So I figured, what the hell? Let’s do a little something different. I’ve spent today editing what pages I have done (because there is nothing worse than having an entire issue to scan and edit in bulk – better to do it in manageable chunks) and I thought I’d give you guys a little taste of the process here. The black-rimmed pages below are the finished (for now) product, while the starker white sets are the original work precisely as they’re scanned in. There aren’t a ton of drastic changes: fill in some shadows, a little touching up here and there. I did, though, have to replace an entire panel in page three. That sucker took me three tries to get right. Oh, and sorry the replacement panel page is upside-down. I’m still figuring out this techy-bloggy stuff.

I always keep a margin over my pages so I can make notes to myself about what needs changed once I reach the computer editing phase. Generally they’re straightforward (shadow here, erase there, etc), but I occasionally jot ridiculous insults to my future self. I don’t have any examples in this set, but I know there’s an upcoming page in which I call myself a trollop for smearing lipstick on the page. It might sound a little mean to insult myself, but Future Me always gets a kick out of curmudgeonly Past Me.

Now, although you’re getting a tiny preview of issue 6, don’t be too surprised if there are further changes in the final issue. Going through the process of editing, I tend to notice little things here and there I’d like to change if I have time in the future. They don’t necessarily detract from the work, but I’d like to improve them if I can. Art’s never really finished, right?

Hey, thank you so much for indulging me in this. Hopefully it broke your day up a touch as it did mine. Have an amazing day and an even more amazing weekend!

img419Issue 06 Page 01 img420 Issue 06 Page 02 img421 img422 Issue 06 Page 03