Hey, Regarders! Long time, no blog. I want to start out by saying A) you’re awesome for reading and I love you, and 2) a million thanks to everyone who voted for me for Best Local Author in Nuvo’s Best of Indy. We should get the results in October. I mean, truth be told, I’m up against John Green, so we know that guy’s gonna win. The rest of us lesser fools are just jostling for second and third place. 🙂

So, I have a bit of news: I accidentally got a real person job. Like, full time and everything. A friend mentioned an opening as a librarian for the school system I used to work at (and absolutely adore) and I hurled myself full-force at the opportunity. So. . . I’m a librarian now. Which is awesome. However, it means my schedule is going to be a little busier than it was, so that naturally trickles down to less time for comicky things.

Don’t worry: Regarding Dandelions will continue.

It’ll just be a little different.

My next update will come out as promised on August 26th (so soon!), but this will also be the beginning of the new updating schedule. Instead of updating monthly or kinda monthly or whatever the hell it is I’ve been doing, I’m going to update twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays.

Awesome, right?

I know.

There’s just a little teensy minor downside: instead of big chunks of updates, I’ll just be putting out a page at a time. Well, I mean, this Wednesday, I’ll put up the cover and the first page. Covers don’t count. Executive decision.

So, yeah: there are totally pros and cons to this.

Pro: we’ll have MUCH more frequent updates.

Con: They’re smaller.

Pro: I’ve spent the time between my last update and now building up a buffer of pages so even if life gets wonky, I’m a whole lot more likely to be consistent through the fray.

Con: . . . Uh. I dunno. I can’t think of another con. So I think that makes this plan a big ol’ winner.

Along with the change in schedule, you may also see some cosmetic changes happening on the site itself. The essence will remain the same. You’ll still be able to access all past and current pages.

Boom. That’s all the news I’ve got. You guys are great. Thanks for your patience as I figure out this weird new phase of life. 🙂

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