Musical Alphabet

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This started as a COVID-19 quarantine project and, as I write this, we’re still quarantined. I hope someone in the near future reads this and is like, “Pssh. That quarantine was a blip. Life is so much better now! Look at me, giving all the hugs!” 

I’m looking forward to giving hugs again. Sigh.

But then maybe someone from the more distant future is like, “Why is this dummy still whining about quarantining? That was FOREVER ago.”

Well, future mean person, I’m not very good at updating these blurbs. I’ve probably COMPLETELY forgotten I had a big, meandering post about quarantine on here.


Music is important to me, deep-in-my-bones important. These coloring pages are my tribute to music I love and the people who make it. Hopefully you’ll find something you connect with too. 🙂

If you decide to color any of these in, I’d love to see them. I’d also love to hear about what you’re listening to. Let’s share some art here. 



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