Y is for The Yellow Kites

Sweet, sincere folk/Americana. These two are joy-making.

Fun fact: I had never heard of this band until Wednesday of this week. I was racking my brain for a “Y” artist, and my mind floated to a band I happened to see a few years ago at The Melody Inn — I could’ve sworn they were called The Yellow Kites. I looked them up and I was wrong. But the happy mistake led me to these two! First, I’m a sucker for musicians that are also a couple — it’s a semi-unrelated detail that just delights me to no end. Second, they’re Indianapolis-based artists and I love my Indy arts. 😉

Final note: I wouldn’t normally do this, but since I’m so new to this band, I had to pluck a reference photo off their site, so I believe credit for this reference image goes to Kelley Jordan Photography.

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