E is for Erté

You know those rare people who are great at everything? That’s this guy. That’s Erté (born Romain de Tirtoff). He had his hands in everything: visual arts, fashion and jewelry, theater design, costumes to sets and on and on and on. And if you’ve followed me for any length of time at all, you know I love me some art deco and Erté was art deco through and through. I get pretty lost down the rabbithole when I start looking at his work. So, yeah, Google this guy and get ready for a whole lot of beautifully decadent designs. 🙂   


Oh! And this piece in particular was the cover for the February 1916 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Whew! Almost forgot to mention that. Meh. I’m sure you don’t come here for the consistency anyway. *shrug*

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