B is for Blasting Company

Of course I think every musician I post is a delight, but The Blasting Company is particularly so because I looked for them for YEARS. That sounds weird. Let me back up. So, some years ago, I came across The Petrojvic Blasting Company and I loved them. I got the one album I could find and listened to it for years. But then. . . I never heard anything else. I’d do quick little checks on the occasional whim to see what I could find and never had any luck. Then one day, tumbling down one of my many musical rabbit holes, I crashed into the soundtrack for Over the Garden Wall. IT WAS THEM! Credited as The Blasting Company. I was so thrilled, I immediately started texting my partner who, because I was just randomly text-shouting about companies and accordions, had no real idea what I was talking about but, to his credit, feigned the utmost level of excitement.

I still honestly don’t know if I had the name wrong the entire time or if they’ve shortened it or whatever. It doesn’t matter. Go look them up. They are positively charming.

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