Regarding Dandelions – Original

TL;DR – Scroll to the bottom for the archives.

Welcome to the original Regarding Dandelions comic! 

I started this comic in 2014 with no clue how to actually comic, and it shows.

NO REGERTS, says my misspelled tattoo*.

Okay, some regerts. 

I don’t regret the work I did – I’m happy I learned by throwing myself into it. Otherwise, knowing me, I would have just wallowed in indecision and anxiety for the rest of my days. Instead I wallowed in self-doubt and “Oh no my work is garbage I am garbage everyone thinks I’m garbage.” It’s an upgrade because at least I squeezed some art out of it.

As I learned, I started to realize that, although I want to continue this version of the comic to completion if I am able, in order to do the best service to what I’ve learned and improved, I needed to start over with some relatively minor story changes and major art changes. I’m not anywhere near where I want to be with my art, but I am to the point where I think maybe I might be able to look back in a few years and not cringe. 


Anyway, what you’re about to read is my original comic as it stands. The art does improve with time, but I’m not gonna lie: it’s rough. If you’d like to start with the prettier version (though, granted, it has significantly fewer pages in it, being roughly six years behind), head over to Regarding Dandelions Reboot. If you’d prefer to veer off the comic route altogether, you’re in luck: you can also wander on over to the Regarding Dandelions Novel page and prose to your heart’s content.

For you brave souls who continue: the art gets better. Kinda.



*I have neither a “NO REGERTS” nor “NO REGRETS” tattoo. Just YOLO.**

**I do not have a YOLO tattoo.

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