Regarding Dandelions – Reboot

TL;DR – Scroll to the bottom for the archives.

Welcome to the Regarding Dandelions comic reboot! 

I started Regarding Dandelions in 2014 and it was rough. I knew next to nothing about making comics and, good heavens, it showed. I decided 2020 was my year to reboot: I was slated to table at Indiana Comic Con, so I wanted to create something I would be more comfortable printing. I took everything I’ve learned over 6 years of slapdash comic-making and put together a new version. Will I think this new version is garbage in 6 years? Yeah, probably. That’s how my dastardly-mean art brain works. But I am proud of it now, and I’m excited to share this new version.

If you’ve read the original, you might catch some relatively minor differences in the story, but the biggest change is definitely the art. I shifted from pen-and-paper to digital and from black-and-white to color. I also solidified my character design and reached a point of greater consistency with proportions and all that, shifts that took place gradually over 16 issues of the original. Long story short: I just wanted to make this comic-o-mine look better.

Anyway, dive in and enjoy. I hope you love it. And if you can’t wait to read ahead, you’re more than welcome to pop by Regarding Dandelions Original – the art is worse, but there’s about six years extra story in there if you can handle the aesthetics and story differences. And if you’re more of a prose kinda person, you can also go to the Regarding Dandelions Novel – all of the story, none of the pictures.

Enjoy, friends!



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